OSCON in General

After the day 1-2 (Tutorial sessions), all sessions were an only one-hour normal sessions.  It’s getting even more interesting than the first two days since it meant you have more topics to listen within a day. Many famous speakers like the guy from google, facebook, redhat, netflix, etc.. also came. Too bad that too many cool sessions were running in parallel –> (http://www.oscon.com/oscon2013/public/schedule/grid/2013-07-24?schedule=public-grid)  I was hoping they could have video record for every session so that I could watch it later, though.

The very fun thing during day-3 and 4 is the expo hall. Lots of companies opened their booths to show their products or promote for jobs and their companies. The fun thing is I got lots of free stuffs!!! (hahahahahha) and of course! many chit-chat with them. meansss I got no time to stay bored alone in the dark corner during conference day. Every break, I will go get free t-shirt, getting something to eat in expo hall. They also provided very nice Portland coffee during the break.

Free Stuffs got from expo

Anyway, let’s see what cool sessions here!!


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