OSCON Day 3-5

Many awsome speakers here and i was so excited about all new stuffs they were presenting. Let’s see what I got from there 😉

  • More instantly vim – Slide & filesGithub
    • It’s all about improving your vim workflow. He has shown many plugins he made to do highlight search, hight line break to limit the wide of text, automatically swap to main editor when we open the same file in different vim (I think this is the most I like.) and many. I like what he tried to improve so we can get tips and tricks to use in our vim 🙂
  • Javascript Framework Face Off
    • Now, browsers itself become a PC. They are becoming more powerful. In this session, because of many available libraries in this world, he introduces his recommended libraries but and some criterions you might need to choose the right libraries or frameworks for your own project.
    • Mobility is matter nowadays. Even though, iphone, smart phone, tablet are current but they will be dominated within 2 years. We need general way to expand to every future approach as much as possible. The client figures out the best way to present data.
    • He suggested a good article about “the seven frameworks” which comparing the framework.
    • Then, How can you usually choose? Follows are some you need to concern. (Expansion phase, which looks right to you?, difference in largely view, how it wires in?, file structure, templating, learning curve, complexity curves (easy for “Hello World” but actually really hard after that), Browser support, Read the doc (Most of it quite good), How much should the library do for you, Greenfield or Existing app)
    • Last important thing is “Play with them.” So, you know which one is the right one.
  • Server-Side Push: Comet, Sockets, and Server-Sent Events come of age – SlideGithub
    • I like this one the most! Speaker was very cool and funny. The content was very easy-to-understand and really really useful.
    • He presented the evolution and mechanics of server-push technologies. We can see how we did it before and how many ways we are doing now and what is gonna change the game. Polling is not good, page forever looping when using iFrame Streaming, no one using flash anymore and Pushing is coming.
  • while (true) do; how hard can it be to keep running? – Slide
  • Squishymedia’s KegBot-based technology testbed – Kegbot
    • A nice system to monitor beer usage, temperature and flow data in Portland.
    • It’s very nice that you can see which beer is hit in this area ,when is running out, so you can fill it in no time.
  • Designing the Internet of things with the 3 laws of Robotics
    • He tried to use 3 laws of Robotics and applying to up-to-date devices which can be based on the cloud.He hope 3 laws should be embedded everything in the future.
  • Who’s There? – Home Automation with Arduino/Raspberry Pi – Slidecodelink
    • It’s pretty cool that the speaker do not have any knowledge about hardware things trying by herself to include this home automation in her house.
    • She is coming with front door automation which can send her alert and video of who is there during the time.
    • Her approach is not expensive and using Raspberry Pi and Arduino as a main.
  • The Linux Way: Rebuilding The Unix Way for a New Era
    • He was giving the idea of how the linux making itself better than unix, how it gonna be and how it should be.
    • The Unix Way enable flexibility of people to use and build.
    • The linux way take step further let other choose what to use, distro and tools!
  • OpenSource system performance – blogbook
    • It seems to be all about dtrace which is a very nice tool to find tracking issue in production realtime.
  • The Open Compute Project – videotwitterlink,
    • It’s very interesting about what they are doing here and also my boss here in Rakuten. We are looking in more efficient and cheaper to build our datacenter. It’s very insane that data is growing tremendously. To have everyone working together on this open compute project will make it real and we won’t need to buy very expensive server, waiting for them to maintenance or spending lots of money on data center anymore.
    • This is a must you need to see what will be one of the future in Big Data.
  • Scaling systems configuration at Facebook: the paradigms, design, and software behind managing massive numbers of systems with open source and small teams – Phil Dibowitz, slidenews

    • This session is also pretty cool. The guy from facebook was explaining how he control all of his 17,000 nodes using ~4 people!
    • Phil has so much experience on scaling and passionate about scaling configuration management
    • Very admired of his work –> Then, got a pic with Phil ;p

With Phil Dibowitz


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