OSCON Day-2 ( Chef & WebRTC)

The first part is about Chef which is one of reasons I wanna join this OSCON. The afternoon session is also very interesting session about WebRTC which I am currently playing with it. (I think it is very promising and it really is the future of the WEB!!!)


Speaker: Joshua Timberman, Opscode
Slide: speakerdeck.com/jtimberman/oscon-2013/tutorial


Comparing to yesterday puppet session, the speaker prepared very well and has a very nice presentation that we can follow. Since I am using Chef right now, I am a bit understanding of all how Chef is working. This session is like an additional knowledge for me. For the person who do not know Chef, Chef is an automation platform that transforms infrastructure into code. Easy speaking, you can code and automate how you install your app and your infrastructure. I am also using Chef in my work at Rakuten.

Chef can be divided into 2 types which are Chef-server and Chef-Solo. With Chef-server, you need to have chef-server to centralized everything (cookbooks, client data, control, execute) but you have more clue of what happen to all clients. With Chef-solo, you run Chef on the client itself. It is easy and you  but not scale very well when number of servers getting larger an larger.

Joshua explained about the basic of Chef and also let us have vm running to test Chef-zero (which is another type of chef, just for test.) on our vm. We learned how to make folder, create template, changing file system and install apache in our vm. It’s pretty fun.


I think knowing chef is a plus for every developer nowadays. We are turning into cloud century. Our services are based on cloud and need to deal with lots of servers. You need to automate them to install, control, and make sure that your configurations are the same. With manual operation, you can make lots of mistakes and lose much time to fix than just having more time to focus on your development.


Speaker: Kyle Simpson

In this session, I have nothing to say much but speaker is very bad at presentation. Actually, I am really interested in WebRTC and playing with it currently. The demo about peer-to-peer game and video chat with WebRTC is nice but it’s really hard to catch up with him. He switched the code to fast that no one could follow him. What I also do not like is he showed his implementations that always wrap everything on WebRTC, any general js or blah blah blah…

That means we do not need to understand anything but his framework.

Anyway, even though I felt so desperate on this session, I did join another BoF session about WebRTC by the guy from Tokbox and it was so amazing.

Note: BoF (Birds of a Feather Sessions)  a discussion meeting which any attendee can do after 6PM to discuss with others who having same interests.)

WebRTC Tokbox

Speaker: Ankur Oberoi

As I am really into WebRTC before joining the session, I listened to what he presented and got more excited. He is making the startup called Tokbox which has the openTok API based on WebRTC to do live communication via iOS and web browser. It was very cool that he showed many stuffs happening around WebRTC as following example.

You can see that there are many possibilities for WebRTC to grow in this world. As in examples, you can do video streaming, audio streaming and peer-to-peer sharing using only HTML5 and basic javascript. If you have not tried WebRTC, I suggest you to try it now and you will feel amazed of what it can do.

Open Party @ Night

At night, there was the OSCON open party for everyone. The theme was a space and there were many toys to play with like kinect dancing floor, an ET that you can go and talk to, jumping park or a booth that let you make your own space hat!!

P1030867 P1030879 P1030873 P1030872P1030885


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