OSCON Day-1 (Puppet & Go)

It’s just the start for OSCON2013.
Today, I am joining “Puppet Tutorial: A Beginner’s Guide” and “Introduction to Go”

Puppet Tutorial: A Beginner’s Guide

The puppet session is presented by garrett honeycutt (GH Solutions, LLC).


He provided us with the VM with the puppet all set. ( which you can get it from here.)
I used virtual box and start it up and fix a bit network setting because MAC Address was not right.
Starting by getting the code from his repository
git clone https://github.com/ghoneycutt/oscon2013.git
Then you ran install.sh to setting your environment.
/root/oscon2013/install.sh /root/oscon2013
Seeing in /etc/puppet/manifests/init.pp , you can add the code folder you wanna use which should be all in /etc/puppet/modules/
OK! Everything is all set and you can run ‘puppet agent -t’ to run your catalog!

In my opinion, comparing to Chef, it is a bit hurdle to setting everything up for puppet client. Even though the talker prepared the virtual machine for us, still many people have the problems using puppet. Also, the folder structure is quite difficult to understand. It has its own language format while Chef can use Ruby which is a general language to everyone.

From the experience from this session, I think I will stick to Chef and will not try puppet ever again.

Introduction to Go

Talked by Francesc Campoy
Project starts at Google in 2007 (by Griesemer, Pike, Thompson)
This is quite an introduction to Go. The speaker just used the already-have web tutorial to teach us. It’s very interesting though. We ran the exercise one-by-one. Nothing special in this tutorial and I think you can just read the tutorial by yourself at home 🙂

OSCON 5K Glow Run/Walk and After Party

Running course for OSCON 5K run/walk

At today’s night, it is very surprising that we also have some different kind of event like running in conference. It’s OSCON 5Kilometres running! I joined and even two days has passed, still feel hurt at my legs (T___T). Anyway, it was very fun and nice to see the scenes around the Portland river. I don’t have the picture now coz I wouldn’t take my camera with me running for sure. I will post it in other post if I have time 🙂

My running ranking and time

Oh and yeah! they have chips that record our running time. Too bad, I have not run for long time and used almost 46 mins for 5K.


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