Memorized My Past Projects

Secondary School

  • [Basic] Accounting Application (HuaChiew University)
  • [Basic Stamp] Robot Tracking Line
  • [Lego Mindstorm] Make a walking robot

High School

  • [C] Math Game (Graphics by Som)
  • [Photoshop] Lord of The Ring’s Code Plate


  • 1st Year
    • [Java] Pokemon strategy game (Not finish)
  • 2nd Year
  • 3rd Year
    • [Mobile Java] Queue (almost done by Ton & Gann)
    • [FPGA, Verilog] Improve Central Processor of Robot in Robocup Soccer
    • [HTML, PHP, PhpMyAdmin, CSS, Apache, MySQL] Sponsor Coordinator Website for Plasma-Z
    • [Oracle, C#] ICE FACTORY’s database management application (with Gnome & Tun in SA & Database course)
  • 4th Year
    • [C#] Robocup Soccer’s Ball Tuner by contacting through Radio Frequency
    • [Wega] Neural Network with Sample Datasets
    • [C++, ASR System] Garbage Collection Game (Using speech to separate each garbage to right rubbish box)
    • [C++, OpenCV] Image Processing (Histogram, Hough Transform)
    • [C++, OpenCV, Qt] PineApple (Video Panorama)
    • [C++, OpenGL] Co-Evolution of 2 Robots (Senior Project)
    • [Latex] “The design of embedded systems for RoboCup Soccer Team : Plasma-Z”, my first paper with Kook (ICESIT2009)

After Undergraduate

  • [C++, OpenCV] Intelligent Vehicle (Find road from camera using GrayScale, Subtraction, Erosion and Dilation)
  • [Joomla] Thairobotics website
  • [C++, SCIP, Qt] Planning and optimization of vehicle routes for fuel oil distribution (Increase performance of my brother’s thesis)
  • [C++, Qt] EDFViewer (Not finish)
  • [HTML, PHP, PhpMyAdmin] ICE FACTORY’s accounting website (not finish)

Graduate School (Master Degree)

  • [C++, Qt, OpenCV] iClouds (Implement Shape Matching Algorithm)
  • [C++, Qt, ROS, MRPT, Latex] My research about Exploration and Path Planning on SLAM
  • [Drupal, CSS] Thairobotics website version 2 (Failed change to wordpress)
  • [Wordpress 3] Thairobotics website version 3 (Finished can see here)
  • [C++, Qt, OpenCV] CIM – Conduit Inspector Machine (in progress, responsible for GUI part) #update1 P’Chang is responsible for GUI and I am responsible for 2 Classifier (ANN Classifier and Tape detection called Wavy Classifier by me)

Working (Japanese Company, the name begins with R*)

  • [JSP, Java Servlet] A twitter-liked service created during Firm’s IT training (can see here)
  • [HTML, JavaApplet] HelloChristy – A typing game with happy birthday letter for Christy, my chinese friend.
  • [Python] aSearch – A basic text search engine for 1 folder. The implementation is based on B-Tree Inverted Index.
  • [Shell script] Distributed log collection tool ( can see here )
  • [Shell script] HTTP Response Code Status counter for SearchAPI
  • [Unix command] 3-4 sed command just to change query values in access log.
  • [GSP Deployment] working with Benoit to deploy 2.3.1 and do crash test on Production servers
  • [Git structure] make a new git structure for GSP config and create script to take all config from git to do GSP deployment
  • [Performance test] find the best performance for service using compnay performance test tool
  • [Chef system for Operation Team] ( In progress )
  • [Performance Forecast] find the performance of Review service with different number of solr shards reflecting the number of docs in past, current and future
  • [OS Provisioning] (In progress)
  • [Rakuten Lunch Mate] (In progress)

Working (HiveGround)


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