Memorized my reading ;)

Wanna memorize the great articles I read b4. So, I can understand how efficient I did in the past and how should I improve myself. I will include only significant article being very useful to my life 🙂

2011/09/01 – 2011/09/15 Probabilistic Robotics Book (Chapter 1,2,9)
2011/09/22 Unicode, Polymorphism of C++(virtual, pure virtual)
2011/10/10 Recommended Reading for Developers by CodingHorror
2011/10/21 The best code is no code at all by CodingHorror
2011/10/23 How to use Eclipse with ROS(Youtube), Teleoperate_p3dx_with_Ros_and_Aria
2011/10/31 What is an NP-complete problem?, NP vs NP-complete vs NP-hard, The status of the P Versus NP problem(Not-yet-read but important)

2011/11/10 Google Resume Chapter-1
2011/11/12 Restoring American Dream Special – Getting it back to #1, GPS: Getting back to work
2011/11/13 Google Resume Chapter-2
2011/11/14 AI-Class 9 (Planning under uncertainty), 10 (Reinforcement Learning)
2011/11/16 Drupal vs WordPress vs Joomla from Developer Propective, 2011 best and coolest free wordpress themes
2011/11/17 Prefer and Would rather, Past vs. passed
2011/11/19 Each and Every, Investment banking
2011/11/21 Google Resume Chapter-3,4,5

2012/01/01 Latex Distribution on MacOSX(Lion), Is there a better alternative for 5-star rating system, Virtual destructor in C++
2012/01/05 “Compared to” or “Compared with”
2012/01/12 Create Visual Editor by Qt, Friend in C++
2012/01/29 research is uncountable noun,

2012/02/23 C++ Inheritance,
2012/02/23 Const Pointer,

2012/03/08 Forward declaration within different namespace

2012/04 – 2012/05 Learning Japanese & English from new friends, got lots of new good friends (international)

2012/06 – 2012/07/17 Learn Java, JSP, Servlet, MVP and Unix command

2012/07/18 – 2012/07/30 Introduction to Information Retrieval (IIR) Chapter 1-6 and 19

2012/08/07 Shunting Yard Algorithm (here1, here2, here3)
2012/08/28 Python Development for Emacs

2012/09/03 RPM and YUM
2012/09/04 Faceted Search
2012/09/05 Writing basic shell scripts
2012/09/07 Debug Shell Scripts
2012/09/14 rsync, using rsync
2012/09/17 php-mysql-apache on mac os x
2012/09/26 How to: Linux / UNIX Delete or Remove Files With Inode Number, setup python in emacs
2012/09/27 10 super cool linux hacks

2012/10/02 awk, shift, getopt
2012/10/04 histogram comparison (opencv), nearest neighbour algorithm (wiki), egrep and regex in egrep
2012/10/05 uniq and sort
2012/10/11 monit
2012/10/22 What does “> /dev/null 2>&1” mean?, What is “2>&1”?
2012/10/30 Basic tutorial for fabric,sed

2012/11/01 Using SSH keys for Password-less Logins
2012/11/02 Traditional Development/Integration/Staging/Production Practice for Software Development
2012/11/07 A successful git branching model
2012/11/08 System resources (linux command), practical top command examples, 20 Linux System Monitoring tools, Linuxatemyram, graph for git branches.
2012/11/12 du & df, What is $* and $# in linux?, Solr in 5 minutes!
2012/11/13 curl vs wget, solution for finding file in svn repository,
2012/11/19 sublime’s tips & tricks
2012/11/26 prefer & would rather, daemon, copy-paste in unix
2012/11/28 Manage my shell setup by bashrc.d

2012/12/03 Linux screen tutorials
2012/12/05 sar command
2012/12/07 dmesgs

2013/01/03 add new user to ubuntu, add user & group to sudoers
2013/01/05 Using sudo, ssh, rsync on Ubuntu for EC2
2013/01/09 10 ways to generate random password,
2013/01/10 A trick changing wrong encode for subtitle
2013/01/21 A visual git reference, R’s iOS Training Video
2013/01/22 Using screen on linux, Difference of YUM & RPM (Stackoverflow)
2013/01/23 fixed yum checksum problem
2013/01/24 either, neither and both usage, how to convert lower case <–> upper case in linux, programmer interrupted
2013/01/29 vi Find & Replace, why is git better than svn

2013/02/07 Mount windows network filesystem,
2013/02/15 how to add user in Ubuntu12.04 and CentOS6
2013/02/17 setup apache’s site file in home directory –> link1, link2
2013/02/20 remove empty line using sed, read file line-by-line in bash, sed easy tutorial, Performing Math on Bash
2013/02/21 why using double bracket in bash
2013/03/09 sessionstorage, get the file name with javascript, language changer1, jquery language changer (query_lang_js), Passing javascript arguments via src attributes

2014/01/15 using top more efficiently

2014/02/07 Go vs. C/C++
2014/02/20 Token Expiration Best Practices

2014/03/01 Perfect vim setup for Go
2014/03/16 How internet works
2014/03/24 Complete Kickstart: How to Save Time Installing Linux, Spacewalk baremetal brainstroming, Easy tutorial for PXE boot, how to do server provisioning automation (MUST READ)
2014/03/26 Why did Koding from Node.js to Go?

2014/04/06 Why Go for Go?


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