Memorized My Past :)

2011/03/xx Be able to use LKH (Lin-Kernighan Heuristics Library) to solve TSP problem.
2011/05/26 Finish A* algorithm in C++ (graph)
2011/06/14 Finish Q-Learning for Problem Set-1 in Recognition System Class
2011/06/19 Test 1st Kinect SLAM using MRPT Library (App of MRPT)
2011/06/23 Finish reading Pattern Classification Chapter 2 and some of Chapter 3
2011/06/25 Finish reading “SLAM for Dummies”

2011/07/03 Test all sample SLAM (icp-SLAM, kf-SLAM, rbpf-SLAM) in MPRT using their datasets
2011/07/03 Test grab rawlog file (file format for datasets in MRPT) with Robot and Hokuyo URG
2011/07/07 Created new robot’s research simulation using grid map as based instead of the old one (topological)
2011/07/09 Finish A* algorithm again on grid map based simulation (very slow, too much data)
2011/07/18 Finish writing paper using Latex second time (This time, I learned a lot of commands in Latex)
2011/07/14 Finish first obstacle detection (used with RDEG) using Connected Component Labeling as a group the group which not share the same area with robot is decided to be obstacle area.
2011/07/20 Finish frontier-based exploration used to compare with RDEG+(my method).
2011/07/25 Test Optical Flow in OpenCV with Video from Recognition System class.
2011/07/26 Do background subtraction for tracking Mr.Carson in Video from Recognition System class.
2011/07/31 Finish zigzag exploration used to compare with RDEG+(my method).

2011/08/06 Finish calculating shape context following “Shape Matching and Object Recognition Using Shape Contexts” by S.Belongie, et al. (Doing for Recognition System class’s Final Project).
2011/08/07 Using Hungarion Algorithm in Matching 2 Shape Contexts. (Doing for Recognition System class’s Final Project).
2011/08/07 Calculate Shape Distant using Cost of 2 Shape Contexts.
2011/08/09 *Finish iClouds which can match simple cloud picture with silhouettes in database.
2011/08/28 Be able to use ROBIO latex template (First time use of Latex from scratch)

2011/09/xx Make 1D Ranged Particle Filter Localization using MRPT library
2011/09/xx Make 2D Ranged Bearing Particle Filter Localization using MRPT library
2011/09/xx Created room map from many data of Hokuyo sensor using ICP in MRPT library
2011/09/xx Localized robot on above room map

2011/10/05 Change some code from FastSLAM on feature-map -> occupancy grid map in MRPT library
2011/10/14 Finish chapter 1/2 in by Sebastian Thrun & Peter Norvig
2011/10/24 Finish chapter 3/4 in by Sebastian Thrun & Peter Norvig
2011/10/31 Finish chapter 5/6 in by Sebastian Thrun & Peter Norvig

2011/11/02 Finish all beginner tutorials of ROS (To celebrate my own BD)
2011/11/04 Finish install ROSARIA (Not-yet test on P3DX robot)
2011/11/09 Finish install and test Gmapping with ROSARIA(P3DX robot) and HokuyoNode but the results seem wrong due to wrong odometry (Not-yet calibration)

2011/12/18 Be able to use Gmapping and Navigation Stack with ROSARIA and HokuyoNode on P3DX robot with Hokuyo URG-04LX(F01)
2011/12/27 – 2011/12/30 Be able to do S-Curve (snowboard) more beautiful than last year

2012/01/03 Be able to use ROS’s Frontier-Exploration Stack
2012/01/10 Finish Master Thesis version 1/4 using Latex
2012/01/16 Finish Qt Visual Editor 1-step for Conduit Inspector Machine Project ( has box and its property such as size and position, can link 2 boxes together, cannot yet load image and get all data out)
2012/01/20 Finish Real Experiment of Master Thesis (Robot do slam with my proposed exploration algorithm – Manual control)

2012/02/21 Finish all presentation and thesis book!
2012/02/24 Start implementing CIMLib

2012/03/22 My graduation day 🙂
2012/03/18 Finish FANN Classifier for CIMLib (not yet test)
2012/03/28 Finish wavy classifier for CIMLib (tested)

2012/04/02 Finish R’s Business manner (E-learning)
2012/04/08 Finish docs for CIMLib (Wavy and FANN parts)

2012/04 – 2012/05 Learning Japanese & English from new friends, got lots of new good friends (international)

2012/06 – 2012/07/17 Learn Java, JSP, Servlet, MVP and Unix command

2012/07/18 – 2012/07/30 Introduction to Information Retrieval (IIR) Chapter 1-6 and 19

2012/08/01 – 2012/08/06 Make simple search engine using Python (including all development process such as define requirements, class diagram, internal design, external specification, sequence diagram and testing)

2012/08/07 Implement Shunting Yard algorithm for simple search project using Python

2012/09/06 – 2012/09/25 Log collection tool for distributed system like GSP [Learned a lot of linux commands]

2012/09/26 – 2012/10/05 Http Response Status Code counter for SearchAPI’s log (one of GSP components) [Learned a lot of linux commands]

2012/09/15 – 2012/10/05 CIM’s new wavy algorithm (see the paper)

2013/03/01 – 2013/03/20 Working with Benoit on GSP2.3 Deployment, Fixing GSP2.3 deployment procedure, put it on Sphinx, edit Crash test scripts and etc.
2013/03/19 summarize Crash test for GSP2.3.1 (Review search)
2013/03/22 organized git structure for deployment config and create script to clone them for deployment process

2013/04/01 – 2013/04/03 prepare deployment procedure for a service on prod and deployed it
2013/04/04 – 2013/04/05 prepare for performance test
2013/04/07 Fix my and try to set vim for python environment


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